Our approach

Transition management

Procadres International assists companies with the implementation of critical transformation projects, from developing or improving performance through to business recovery.
After a brief preliminary evaluation, the Transition Manager becomes an active member of the company’s internal teams, taking on a highly operational and very specific role in steering the project through to its successful conclusion.
The selected manager’s profile deliberately exceeds the requirements for the situation at hand.
With a proven track record in change situations, he or she contributes the necessary technical expertise, project experience and leadership skills to manage operations in difficult contexts.

Relay Management

Procadres International is capable of working within very short timescales to provide companies with a wide spectrum of skills to help them bring a key function back on track in critical situations and achieve rapid and visible results.

Thanks to his or her experience in the role and industry in question, the Relay Manager quickly becomes familiar with the company’s context and, working as a key member of the teams assigned to him or her, gains a clear understanding of the challenges of the situation. Working consistently towards the defined objectives, the Relay Manager uses his or her expertise and energy, combined with the skills of the in-house teams, to implement courageous and innovative actions designed to bring operations back on track in the long term.