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The agile option

Project-based assignments are developing to provide companies with greater flexibility and responsiveness. The increased need for flexibility and the urgency of the crisis make interim management an opportunity. Today, it is by choice that managers and executives join us, in search of flexibility but also of adrenaline, faced with the urgency of needs and the very varied challenges of organizations.


Why interim management?

You are an interim manager, you have an entrepreneurial spirit or you wish to become an interim manager. Join us if you have the following skills:

  • You like to provide concrete solutions to complex situations, especially transformations or restructuring
  • You know how to manage challenges in France and abroad
    You are able to mobilize a team around objectives
    You have the ability to integrate quickly into an organization
    You have a successful track record and your leadership is recognized

Choosing Procadres International means working on high-stakes missions and benefiting from the support of our partners throughout your mission.

The profile of the interim manager

The interim manager is a senior profile, who can demonstrate 10 to 25 years of operational and managerial experience. Driven by a taste for challenges, he or she must also have leadership qualities, i.e. be able to unite, motivate, mobilize and reassure. The usual qualities of a manager, such as listening and communication, must be all the more developed in the interim manager as his mission is temporary and often urgent. Their effectiveness as a leader must be immediate.  

The interim manager is also expected to be immediately operational: to do so, he or she must have exceptional adaptability and reactivity. Availability and mobility are of course prerequisites, as interim management assignments may require travel throughout France and internationally for varying lengths of time. Acceptance of an assignment implies a quick start, generally between 2 and 5 days after the client’s agreement. Full availability and great flexibility are therefore essential.  

The role of the interim manager

The interim manager intervenes for a determined period of time in a company, within the framework of crisis management, the deployment of a large-scale project or a structural or organizational change. As an added value for the organization, he/she brings cutting-edge expertise, a fresh perspective and neutrality to manage change and unite teams.  

The role of the interim manager is to support companies of all sizes and in all sectors that are facing new challenges, whether it is to carry out a large-scale transformation, to succeed in an ambitious project or to resolve a social or economic crisis situation.

What type of assignments does the interim manager work on?

The interim manager can intervene in a company for a period of a few weeks to several years (generally from 3 months to 2 years), in order to take on the temporary role of leader or manager on a part-time or full-time basis. The field of action of the interim manager is wide and can vary, depending on the mission, from the support of teams to the implementation of new processes in an SME, to the profound structural reorganization of a large international group or a subsidiary of a group.  

The missions of the interim manager may concern material, human and IT resources, and may involve the survival of the company, the conquest of a new market, social appeasement, the implementation of a job protection plan, cost reduction or the success of a merger-acquisition project. 


Interim manager’s salary

A daily price (excluding VAT) is set for each assignment, which varies greatly depending on the difficulty of the challenge, the sector and size of the company, the expertise required for the assignment, and the profile of the interim manager. The National Federation of Interim Management (France Transition) estimates the average gross annual salary of interim managers at between €120,000 and €150,000, with a minimum of €80,000 gross.  

However, each interim manager can set his or her own daily rate according to his or her qualifications and experience. According to the terms negotiated in each contract, travel and accommodation expenses during the missions are also covered by the client company. 

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Profiles needed

His or her experience and managerial skills are required to help the company overcome a difficult situation or to lead a substantial project by achieving the company’s objectives in the most efficient manner…

Meetings and training sessions

Procadres International accompanies you throughout the duration of your mission, but also during the intermission periods. We offer our managers tools and meetings to help them carry out their missions in companies.