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Why choose interim management?

Your business needs to undergo some changes. What should be introduced, now, to accelerate growth if you have been boosted by the crisis or, on the contrary, have a fresh start under the best conditions and ensure the sustainability of your business if you have been affected by the crisis? Faced with the challenges and issues represented by these changes, interim management is the best response in order to ensure the quick mobilisation of qualified and experienced managerial skills. Procadres International offers interim solutions which meet the needs of large corporations, mid-sized businesses or companies managed by private equity and fund managers.

Procadres International is capable to provide you with experienced interim executives within 72 hours, based on an approach which values results. These are the levers required for overcoming the effects of the crisis and supporting companies in distress. On a more positive note, Procadres International supports business leaders on their awareness of the need for changing and innovating their business model, as well as reviewing working methods.

The interim executive works according to a logic of agility and results. In a short time, and in a flexible manner, they bring a fresh perspective, great expertise and greater freedom of tone and action.

How long do interim assignments last?

The average duration of interim assignments is 7 months, which has shown an upward trend in recent years Where is interim management a suitable solution?

Who does interim management concern?

Clients seeking interim executives are generally mid-sized businesses and SMEs. This type of management is most often aimed at companies with a turnover of more than €50/100M. Major groups tend to use them less frequently.

What are the areas concerned by interim management?

Which functions are concerned by interim management?

All of the company’s management, transformation, engineering and support functions are covered by the interim executives of Procadres international.

Consult the list of professions covered by our pool of interim managers.


Our client expertise

Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

Develop, transform, manage crises, replace a manager… Procadres International can help you with your problems.



Regardless of the size and field of activity of your business, we are able to meet all your transformation needs.

Business Functions

Business Functions

Procadres international’s interim executives cover the entire breadth of the company’s management, transformation, engineering and support functions.



In the context of a growing interim management market, we have carried out more than 1,500 assignments, 20% of these internationally.