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Is your company about to undergo major changes (departure of a manager, replacement of personnel, crisis situation) and you do not have enough time to act? An interim manager is THE solution to ensure that your company has a good internal transition.

Why choose Procadres?

For the past 20 years, Procadres has been providing a strong, dynamic, and versatile team with many years of experience to any company looking for a quality interim manager to carry out all the transformation, management, and management projects in specific company functions and to achieve ambitious objectives.

By choosing Procadres, you benefit from several advantages, including:

The proven expertise and responsiveness of our team

  • Our experience, with over 1500 successful assignments since the creation of Procadres
  • The proximity of our offices in different cities in France as well as in other continents (Europe, Asia, Africa)
  • The use of digital technology in our processes for better optimisation
  • Our social responsibility and the labelling of our brand

What is interim management ?

An agile and temporary managerial solution

Faced with transformation projects, performance improvement, international development, crisis or turnaround situations, our interim managers provide companies with their operational managerial skills. The intervention of these experts, in an emergency and over a limited period of time, enables the management of change and the successful completion of strategic missions for the company. The more complicated the situation, the more the manager is alone, unable to “share everything” at the risk of causing undesirable effects. The interim manager then brings his or her expertise and know-how to bear in order to implement the CEO’s vision.

A variety of strategic fields of actions

Our interim managers work throughout France, in Paris as well as in the regions, in Lyon, Montpellier… and internationally, on a variety of assignments. Our key areas of intervention are strategy, operations, social cohesion, financing and cash flow. These areas are interdependent and must be integrated into a global vision of the situation. Companies do not always have the necessary skills in-house to deal with the absence of a manager, to carry out transformation phases, to improve performance or to lead new projects. This is why they call on our interim managers who intervene, within sometimes complex environments, on a defined scope of action:

  • Accompanying the company in a phase of change (development projects, strong growth/merger-acquisition, restructuring, transformation, etc.)
  • Implementing change in systems, processes and working methods …. for example, setting up a new information system, developing an international business, providing HR support in the context of redundancy plans or digital transformation.

What are the interim management assignments? 

Interim management is used to support a company in a transformation phase, to bring about a change in human resources, processes or the organisation’s culture, or to add value to the company, whether it be commercial, technical, environmental or human. When French companies first started to use interim management, it was mainly for assignments related to the company’s finances or its management. 

Today, interim managers are used for a variety of assignments, in human resources departments as well as in marketing or industrial departments. What these assignments have in common, apart from their fixed duration, is that they are highly strategic. For example, interim management can be considered by companies in all sectors and of all sizes in the context of:

  • Internal reorganisation or restructuring (redistribution of services, merger-acquisition, external growth, site closure, decentralisation/recentralisation)
  • A strategic project (opening up to a new market, adoption of innovative processes)
  • Succession (family business)
  • An economic crisis requiring the rationalisation of human resources
  • A strategic commercial negotiation

What profile is required for interim management?

Interim management requires experienced, specialised profiles with great adaptability. Leading change in a company is a delicate task. The use of an interim manager allows the company to benefit from a fresh and objective viewpoint as well as from specialised managerial and operational skills. Whatever the project, the interim manager’s assignment begins with a precise analysis of the situation and a definition of the objectives to be achieved. The duration of the assignment depends on the urgency of the situation, the size of the company and the scope of the project.  

A real resource for the company, the interim manager is a seasoned professional who has many qualities in addition to his operational expertise:

  • Availability and insight, which enable him to quickly understand the challenges of the position

  • Efficiency, which is based on high technical and diagnostic skills, as well as an ability to bring people together

  • Autonomy and flexibility, which enable him/her to take decisions in an unstable context

  • Credibility, reinforced by integrity and determination

  • Neutrality, due in particular to his or her lack of background in the company

  • Expertise and pedagogy, which enable him to unite the teams around the project and to increase the skills of the company’s employees.

    Our interim management solutions for your company

    Intervention contexts

    Developing, transforming, managing crises, replacing a manager…
    Procadres International will help you find the RIGHT PERSON.

    Business sectors

    40% of our clients are large French and international groups, 40% are SMEs and 20% are high growth companies.

    Company functions

    Procadres International’s interim managers cover all the management, transformation, engineering and support functions of the company.


    In an interim management market that has been growing for many years, we have carried out more than 1,500 assignments, 20% of which were international.

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