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Procadres continues to develop hand in hand with the growth in this market

Within the interim management market, which has been growing for many years, we have carried out more than 1,500 assignments, 20% of these internationally. The success of a project is emphasised by the involvement of a partner who accompanies the executive through the different phases and in addition, brings their personal experience to the assignments carried out, such as:

Missions - Amélioration de la performance - Procadres International

Performance improvements

Is the profitability of your business a cause for concern? Is your performance not meeting market expectations? You need to boost business growth and improve your bottom line. Our interim executive focuses on these objectives, mobilising your teams and quickly obtaining tangible progress.

Réalisations en fusion-acquisition - Procadres International

Mergers and acquisitions

External growth is an essential component in the life of a group or company wishing to maintain operational excellence. Thanks to the extensive experience acquired in the field by our interim executives, we have the necessary expertise to carry out merger/acquisition operations.

Réalisations : conduite du changement organisationnel - Procadres

Organisational change management

Faced with organisational change, your company can appoint an interim executive to lead the change, reorganise your structure in depth, develop your IT systems, better manage innovation, create new functions… An executive with specialist experience in change, our interim executive takes quick and effective action, leveraging teams to obtain tangible results.

Contexte d'intervention - Crise et retournement - Management de transition - Procadres International

Crisis management

Site closure, a subsidiary in difficulty, poor performance, vacant executive positions… if your company is faced with a crisis situation, whether financial, social or operational, it is necessary to act urgently. Such critical circumstances require strong technical skills as well as leadership qualities to properly manage the crisis and resolve the company turmoil. The intervention of an interim executive can rectify many situations: they can lead a restructuring operation, implement an employment protection plan, outsource or sell an activity.

Réalisations - Management relais - Procadres International

Interim management

Parental leave, long-term absence… If an executive is missing or a key position remains vacant, our interim executive can perform their duties temporarily. After having analysed the challenges of the assignment, their role is to optimise the performance of the duties assigned to them, whilst supporting the process, where necessary, to recruit their successor.

Monitoring of the assignments

The quality of execution is the focus of attention for both the Partners and Executives of Procadres International, both in terms of preparation as well as of the performance of the assignments by the interim executives

Every assignment is described in a “Brief” drawn up by our Partner together with the Client. This specifies the context and objectives of the assignment, therefore making it possible to select the candidates who will be presented and subsequently to guide discussion on the first elements of the course of action.

Each assignment is the subject of a contract detailing the objectives, planning, and governance as well as the financial terms and conditions.

The initial phase of the assignment is rigorously monitored by our Partner, who checks the rapid, effective integration of the Interim Executive within the Client’s organisation.

Once this step is achieved, a progress report is made by our Partner together with the Client and the Executive to confirm objectives, deliverables and planning and establish the next deadlines.
The assignment is then monitored by the Partner through regular progress reviews with the Client and the Executive. These allow an assessment of the progress made and difficulties encountered to be addressed and the objectives and the schedule to be reconsidered. Cost control is a focal point in our interventions: while the cost of the service is significant, nevertheless it is entirely traceable and the return on investment is measurable though the actual results obtained.

The end of the assignment is especially taken care of by the Partner/Interim Executive team, who, in particular, ensures that the organisation and processes are put in place to guarantee lasting results after the end of the intervention.

A step forward

Areas of intervention

Areas of intervention

Developing, transforming, managing crises, replacing an executive… Procadres International is at your side for all the challenges you face.



Regardless of the size and field of activity of your business, we are able to meet all your transformation needs.

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Procadres international’s interim executives cover the entire breadth of the company’s management, transformation, engineering and support functions.

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