Experience at the service of the group

The Procadres International interim manager has already held a position of executive or team manager. His or her experience and managerial skills are required to enable the company to overcome a difficult situation or to steer a substantial project through to a successful conclusion, in the most efficient way possible. Contrary to certain preconceived ideas, interim management is not a classic interim assignment: the latter manages continuity while interim management accompanies change.

  • Executive management: CEO, General Manager, COO, Industrial Site Manager, Business Unit manager…
  • VP strategic functions: CFO, HR, CIO, Supply Chain, Logistics…
  • Business experts: Financial controller, quality manager, supply chain/purchasing manager….

We pay great attention to the referencing and selection of interim managers. In addition to experience and skills, we pay close attention to attitudes, values and personal and professional motivations. To ensure that our selection is optimal and respectful of all profiles, the Manager Relations Department applies a simple and effective methodology.

To support you throughout your career, we provide you with a dedicated contact person to discuss and obtain precise answers to your questions. To promote communication, we organise exclusive events for our interim managers.

Sending resume

Careful reading and selection

Individual interview

Review of the candidate's experience

Taking and checking the professional credentials of each candidate

Verification of skills

Through specific and targeted tests

Referencing process


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Qualities and skills required of the interim manager

Being an interim manager requires a great deal of listening and integration skills. The job requires the manager to intervene in the decision-making process, providing concrete solutions within a satisfactory timeframe. The interim manager must be operational from the start of the assignment and for this he must be :

Profil manager : expérience - Procadres International


It is a key factor of success of the mission in order to apprehend and find solutions to all the raised problems.


With a leadership that allows him to mobilize a whole team sometimes facing tense situations.

Profils managers : Adaptabilité - Procadres International


In view of emergency situations, the manager must be operational from the start of the mission and have encountered similar issues, and be flexible and responsive throughout the mission.

Profils managers : objectifs et résultats - Procadres International

Objective and result-oriented

The interim manager is an operational person and must therefore be able to quickly choose the solution that generates the most results. He is clearly oriented towards a contribution logic and not a power logic.

Profils managers : mobilité - Procadres International


As the assignments are carried out throughout France and internationally, the interim manager’s mobility and availability are crucial.

Interim managers’ intervention contexts

Our interim managers intervene mainly in complex and temporary situations in order to respond to three main types of problems:

Projets de transformation - Management de transition - Procadres International

Transformation projects

transformation of the organization, launch of a strategic project, digitalization, acquisition, merger – integration, strong growth, change management

Crise et retournement - Management de transition - Procadres International

Crisis management and turnaround

Employment Protection Plan , disposal, restructuring, activity transfer, resizing, prevention, performance improvement

Réalisations - Management relais - Procadres International

Interim management

to fill a vacancy in the management team in the event of a managerial emergency

Why get listed with Procadres International?

In addition to providing real support and security for assignments, there are other interests:


  • Reputation of Procadres International: forged by the professionalism and quality of the partners who follow the assignments.
  • Follow-up: the company accompanies the interim manager throughout the assignment by managing the contractual relations, thus allowing him to be fully available for the issues at stake in the assignment.
  • Teamwork and security: Procadres International is able to bring complementary skills and expertise to bear on a complex situation and thus further secure the assignment for the client.
  • Accompaniment of our managers on assignments involving rapid change by Artélie, a firm specialising in the resolution of tense collective human situations.

    Recent missions

    Advantages and specificities of the interim manager profession

    Work in project mode

    Each mission offers the discovery of a new entity, a new team, different issues. It is a new challenge for the manager which reinforces the diversity of his career.

    Free of power issues

    The interim manager is within the company for a fixed period of time and is therefore not part of its internal policy. He/she focuses fully on his/her job for the benefit of the company.

    Intellectual interest

    In the interim management profession, continuous training is inherent to the profession. The manager is constantly gaining new experiences in the field and thus develops his technical and practical skills.

    Avantages et spécificités du métier de manager de transition

    Pourquoi se faire référencer auprès de Procadres International ?

    Au-delà d’un véritable soutien et de la sécurisation des missions, il existe également d’autres intérêts :


    • Réputation de Procadres International : forgée par le professionnalisme et la qualité des associés qui suivent les missions.
    • Suivi : l’entreprise accompagne le manager de transition tout le long de la mission en gérant les relations contractuelles, lui permettant ainsi d’être totalement disponible sur les enjeux de la mission.
    • Travail en équipe et sécurisation : Procadres International est en capacité d’apporter des compétences et des expertises complémentaires pour faire face à une situation complexe et ainsi sécuriser davantage la mission pour le client.
    • Accompagnement de nos managers en mission sur des transformations rapides par Artélie, cabinet spécialisé dans la résolution de situations humaines collectives tendues.

    Missions récentes 

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    Become an interim manager

    Project-based assignments are developing to provide companies with greater flexibility and responsiveness. The increased need for flexibility and the urgencies linked to the crisis make interim management an opportunity.

    Meetings and training courses

    Procadres International accompanies you throughout the duration of your mission, but also during the intermission periods via tools and meetings in order to carry out your missions in companies.