A CV is a marketing tool that introduces you, summarises your career path and highlights what makes you different from other candidates. And this is especially true for executive interim management!

An executive interim assignment responds to a specific problem

In the context of an assignment, our client is looking for a skill rather than a career path and potential as for a permanent contract. They are faced with a particular problem and are looking for someone who will be able to deal with it in the best possible way and as quickly as possible. To maximise your chances of being selected for an assignment, it is therefore essential to highlight as much as possible in your profile that could match our customers’ issues.

Your CV should therefore be as complete and detailed as possible.

It should provide a good context for your experience and achievements. So exit the CV by skills and in one page !

Your experiences must be dated, sectorised, quantified, delimited and qualified.

    • Dated: ante-chronologically so as to have a good understanding of your career path, with particular mention when it comes to transitional assignments.

If you have already carried out assignments, it is important to include details of them. If you are committed to confidentiality, you can conceal the name of the company by specifying only the duration, sectors, scope and issues encountered.

    • Segmented: your company’s practice sector but more specifically your scope of intervention.

Your sector may seem obvious to understand when you’ve worked for large, well-known groups, unless you’ve worked there in activities that have nothing to do with your core business. When it comes to smaller and/or less well-known companies, it’s a good idea to specify the activity.

    • Quantified: size of your scope of responsibility, in terms of turnover and/or headcount, regional, national or international scope.
    • Contextualised: context of a large group (at corporate, subsidiary or BU level), an independent family-owned company or under LBO…
    • Qualified : what was your exact function, your responsibilities. What were your main achievements, the transformation and/or performance improvement projects you carried out and the results obtained, the size of any teams you managed.

This “classic” CV can be favourably supplemented by a ” Skills “ header listing the key words that characterise you, such as your main skills, the sectors you work in, the size of the teams you have managed, the tools and languages you master…

In any case, your CV must be consistent with your LinkedIn profile : it is more than likely that the client will check your online profile as well as your e-reputation

An interview to go further

No matter how good your CV is, it can’t contain everything, and we’re well aware of that. That’s why, wherever possible, we will offer you an interview.

But if this isn’t the case, your profile will stand out more easily in our searches and we’ll be more likely to offer you assignments that really suit you if we have a good understanding of your profile. There’s still time to take a few moments to make sure that your CV matches our needs.

See you soon for a Procadres assignment!

Executive interim management and general management with Procadres

Company: find your interim manager

Are you facing an emergency situation or a vacancy in your management? Find on Procadres the interim manager who can quickly integrate your organisation during the period of your choice !

Our executive interim management solutions for your company

Areas of intervention

Developing, transforming, managing crises, replacing a manager…Procadres International can help you solve your problems.

In which sectors?

40% of our customers are large French and international groups, 40% are SMEs and 20% are growth companies.

Which functions?

Procadres international’s interim managers cover all the company’s management, transformation, engineering and support functions.

Which assignments?

In an interim management market that has been growing for a number of years, we have carried out over 1,650 assignments, 20% of which were international.

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