Are you an interim manager or would you like to become one? You are about to register with Procadres and we would like to thank you for doing so, as we are always pleased to welcome new members to our community of interim managers.

At Procadres, we created a dedicated personal space for interim managers

To make it even easier and give you more opportunities to go on assignment with us, we have set up a dedicated area where you can pre-enter a certain amount of information to add to your CV. You can log back in later to update your file as your situation and achievements change.

Your application will be analysed by a Relations managers consultant. If your profile matches assignments we regularly have to fill, we will contact you again to offer you an initial interview. If not, we will keep your profile on file for possible future assignments.

When should you update your profile?

It is important that you update your file in the following cases:

    • At the start of a new assignment, be sure to enter your estimated end date
    • If an assignment is extended
    • A few weeks before the early end of your assignment

This will enable us to position you on a new assignment if necessary, and will help you improve your visibility. Don’t forget to upload an up-to-date CV and to add to your skills if you have acquired new ones at the end of each assignment.

Our customers are looking for your expertise

Interim assignments only exist when the stakes are high and the situation is urgent. Our customers call on us to speed up the resolution of a problem, whether it’s sector-specific, technical or managerial. For them, the aim is to limit the risks by calling on someone who has already been faced with this type of problem, either on assignment or as part of a permanent contract. The interim manager must therefore be in his ” comfort zone “, and generally with a certain over-dimension.

, the ones that will make you legitimate in the eyes of our customers and capable of carrying out an assignment.

But you won’t necessarily always be limited to the same assignments. Our job is to draw on your experience to find one or more skills that match an assignment we have to fill. The more different skills you have, at a technical, sectoral, governance or project level, etc., the more assignments we can offer you.

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    • Functions: only fill in the functions in which you have significant experience, with which you are still comfortable, and willing to carry out an assignment there.

For example, if you are a “Financial Director” and you tick “Accounting Director” or “Management Control Director” on the site, this means that you would accept assignments of this type.

    • Sectors: select only those sectors in which you have or retain genuine expertise, and not those in which you would like to develop your career.
    • Skills: this field corresponds to issues we encounter or specific skills we regularly seek on assignments. Here again, you should only fill in those that correspond to real expertise and that you are able and willing to mobilise on assignment.
    • Expatriation: these are countries where you have lived or for which you have a real command of the local culture. If you have only supervised a subsidiary as part of the management of a geographical area, you can enter “International scope” in the skills section.
    • Type of business and size of entity managed: this field enables us to understand the business contexts in which you have evolved, with what type of reporting and what size of scope of responsibility. If you have worked in different types of company and on different sized perimeters (e.g. in a large international BU of a major group and in an independent SME) you can tick the corresponding boxes.
    •  Thank you for taking the time to read these recommendations and welcome to the Procadres community!

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    Are you facing an emergency situation or a vacancy in your management? Find on Procadres the interim manager who can quickly integrate your organisation during the period of your choice !

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    Developing, transforming, managing crises, replacing a manager…Procadres International can help you solve your problems.

    In which sectors?

    40% of our customers are large French and international groups, 40% are SMEs and 20% are growth companies.

    Which functions?

    Procadres international’s interim managers cover all the company’s management, transformation, engineering and support functions.

    Which assignments?

    In an interim management market that has been growing for a number of years, we have carried out over 1,650 assignments, 20% of which were international.

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