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The Interim Management

You may have heard the word “interim management” and you may want to know more? Indeed, interim management is not a management style but an approach that allows to obtain given results in a given time: the mission.
The interim manager will be able to adapt his management style to the context of the company and its culture. He will have to quickly gain the trust of his collaborators and of the company in order to carry out the mission he has been entrusted with.
Interim management was born more than 50 years ago, in the Netherlands in the 1970s.
It is also known as interim management. It is therefore easy to understand what it is all about. The aim is not to find a manager who will stay in the company for a long time. The company will look for a manager with a solid competence and expertise in a specific field. He will be able to face a problem he has already faced and implement a strategy to solve it. The whole team will be able to benefit from his experience.
The interim management sector is experiencing very strong growth, which in recent years has been in the order of 10 to 15% per year or more. According to France Transition, the market represented 440 million euros in 2019, 65% of which was achieved by EMTs (Transition Management Companies) (90 structured operators declaring an interim management activity) for 3,000 corporate assignments.

Find the perfect match

86% of company directors who have used interim management spontaneously recommend it. Now it remains to find this rare pearl, because any good company director knows that it is difficult to find a good manager.
As a company director, you have several solutions available to you to find the right interim manager:

    • social networks and manager networks:
      This is apparently the simplest solution, but also the most risky. Indeed, there is no guarantee that you will find the right person.
    • The interim management company (EMT) or interim management firm:
      It will then do all the work for you and find you the right profile very quickly
      This is the simplest, most secure and also the fastest solution
      If the interim management company is a member of France Transition, this guarantees the respect of good practices and makes the client and the interim manager even more secure.

In what situations should interim management be used?

Interim management can be the fastest and most appropriate solution to implement if you are in one of the following situations

    • Accompanying a phase of change (growth, restructuring, transformation, major projects)
    • To instill a change impacting people, systems, processes, work methods or the corporate culture
    • Coaching your teams operationally to support them in their increase in operational skills
    • Provide punctual expertise: technical, situational, human, financial, commercial, technical, societal or environmental
    • Turnaround a critical situation, for example in cases of restructuring or crisis management
    • Accompanying your company during a major change phase in its development: takeover, merger-acquisition, internal reorganization, business expansion, digital transformation…
    • Leading complex projects that require consulting and specific key skills
    • Replace at a moment’s notice an executive or manager who is absent for a long period or who suddenly leaves his or her position, while a successor is found and the handover is carried out.

Which functions and positions in your company can benefit from interim management?

If at the beginning interim management was mainly concerned with the functions of General and Financial Management, it quickly extended to other functions:

    • Human Resources,
    • Operations,
    • Information Systems,
    • Supply Chain/Purchasing,
    • Digital,
    • Cybersecurity,
    • Corporate Secretary,
    • Risk,
    • Compliance
    • and more recently Sales & Marketing.

Interim management is not limited to executive or management positions, some missions will call upon a director’s profile for his or her expertise or support without having managerial responsibilities.

Our interim management solutions for your company

Areas of intervention

Develop, transform, manage crises, replace a manager…
Procadres International can help you with your current and future problems.

Business sectors

40% of our clients are large French and international groups, 40% are ETIs, and 20% are SMEs and growth companies.

Business functions

Procadres International’s interim managers cover all the management, transformation, engineering and support functions of your company.


In an interim management market that has been growing for many years, we have carried out more than 1,650 assignments, 20% of which were international.

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