Dominique Agrech

Senior Advisor

Professional experience

  • Groupe La Poste
  • Groupe ABN AMRO
  • Groupe Suez
  • Crédit Mutuel


Private Equity Practice

Boasts more than 25 years’ experience as Associate Director in Private Equity with expertise in the automotive, ESNs, Information Technology, Internet, Energy and Environment, Medical and Pharmacy.

Initially an engineer at Sochaux and at the Advanced Studies Centre of the PSA group, in charge of designing the interiors of future vehicles, he then joined the world of finance at BANQUE FRANCAISE D’INVESTISSEMENT, a Paris subsidiary of CREDIT MUTUEL.

He was head of development for private clinics group CLININVEST with COMPAGNIE FINANCIERE DE SUEZ.

Subsequently, Dominique joined Private Equity as head of investments in growth capital and LBO/Development of the SUEZ group. He then created the “Venture” business in France for the ABN AMRO group, creating and managing the engineering and promotion of FCPI-type funds with the group’s private management banks (NSM, DEMACHY, OBC) as well as large external networks such as AXA. The development of this business with XANGE PRIVATE EQUITY, subsidiary of the LA POSTE group, and then SIPAREX, further strengthens his cross-sectoral expertise.


Dominique Agrech is a graduate of Ecole Polytechnique (X75) and ENSPM.