Some examples of assignments

Relay Management

Duration : 9 months
Content : Management of the Research and Development department
Sector : High-technology industry

Further to the sudden departure of the former director, the company was considering the organisation it wished to introduce. In view of the size of the department, 45 people, and the scale of the projects it was currently tackling, an experienced manager with expertise in technological aspects (software, mechanics, etc.) was required to fill the role until a successor could be found.

Transition Management

Duration : 12 months
Content : Managing Director for a subsidiary in North Africa
Sector : Engineering industry

After introducing an internal solution, the group enlisted the services of a transition manager with experience in turnaround situations and in North Africa to turn around the position of its subsidiary.

Transition Management

Duration : 8 months
Content : Supporting Human Resources Management
Sector : Services

Following a merger of two companies, our manager harmonised salary conditions, associated policies and introduced a Job Preservation Plan.

Transition Management

Duration : 7 months
Content : Managing Director for Turnaround
Secteur : Construction

The company appeared to be in good health, but its cash flow was falling rapidly. The Capital Development fund called on the services of Procadres International to find a Transition Managing Director with knowledge of the sector and capable of diagnosing the situation and quickly implementing appropriate solutions.

Management de transition

Duration : 6 months
Contenu : Financial management for outsourcing in Eastern Europe
Secteur : Automotive equipment

In an environment with limited resources, the company enlisted the services of a manager with expertise in shared services to implement the outsourcing of some of its activities.