Operate as interim manager

Doing this job with a firm offers a support structure for the manager and for the clients.

  • Value of the firm’s reputation: Procadres International constantly builds its reputation and develops a standard of quality. As a member of the FNMT, the firm is committed to implementing processes of professionalism, quality, ethics and professional conduct. Our managers benefit from our reputation and our support.
  • Portfolio of missions: Thanks to its network, Procadres is often able to offer you missions that you would not have been able to obtain via your own network. Therefore, the firm helps you to expand your portfolio of assignments, as well as contacts.
  • Project follow-up: The interim manager is accompanied by an advisor from the company, who provides support, if necessary, and offers an independent and objective perspective. In addition, he accompanies the manager in a triangular client-manager-cabinet relationship.
  • The team rather than the individual: It is the possibility for the firm to bring a multidisciplinary team to a situation in a company.