Intervention frameworks

While the majority of managers call on an interim manager to accompany a phase of change within the company and facilitate its implementation, it is important to stress that the interim manager’s field of intervention has expanded to cover a wide variety of situations:

  • Complete a project of strategic importance (operational, commercial, financial, economic…).
  • Managing strong growth.
  • Make the company’s production tool profitable.
  • Supporting the closure of industrial sites.
  • Temporarily replace an officer.
  • To remedy a managerial failure within the company…

In practice, the interim manager is authorised to exercise his functions by virtue of a mandate or contract validated by the company’s managers or shareholders.

By sparing the company from investing in potentially unfortunate recruitment or from drawing on its human resources to the point of exhaustion, interim management is the ideal solution for dealing with situations that are themselves transitory.

At present, the use of an interim manager is no longer the prerogative of private sector companies, whatever their size. It extends to parapublic organisations, local authorities and associations.

Determining the mission of the interim manager is the essential step for the company that calls upon the services of this confirmed expert. This implies a precise definition of the mission’s roadmap.