Our monitoring of assignments

Ensuring high-quality execution is a key concern for Procadres International Partners and Managers, in terms of both preparation and performance of assignments:

Any prospective assignment is described in a brief drawn up by the Partner together with the Client, outlining the background and objectives for the assignment. The Partner uses this brief to select the candidates to be put forward and then to guide the discussion on the first items in the action plan.

All assignments are covered by a clear contract setting out the objectives for the assignment, the timescale, governance and financial conditions.

The initialisation phase of the assignment is monitored closely by the Partner, to check the Transition’s Manager’s quick and harmonious integration in the Client’s organisation.

At the end of this phase, together with the Client and the Manager, the Partner prepares an initial interim review confirming the objectives, deliverables and timescale, and also setting the next deadlines.

The Partner then monitors the assignment on the basis of regular progress reviews with the Client and the Manager. This allows progress to be measured, any difficulties to be addressed and the objectives and timescale to be reassessed.

The Partner/Manager team pays particularly close attention to the end of the assignment. The main aim being to ensure the successful establishment of an organisation and processes to guarantee lasting results after the end of the assignment.