26 January 2015

Training for Procadres managers - Business simulation

There’s nothing like a full day business game to remain agile on key business drivers. On Jan.22nd, 2015, Procadres International Suisse invited 2 interim executive managers at VSMC consultants, in Geneva for a first training session.

The day in brief : the participants took the role of the CEO/CFO of the company A&O Inc, a company with a proud history, but that recently faced several challenges and that is struggling with the results. The mission is to improve performance over the coming 3 years. To succeed, we enter the world of financial analysis, we take action and put in place improvement programs for logistics, stock management, sales growth, cost control and optimizing the financing structure. All of this was accomplished through management methods and tools, some that are made available and others invented on the spot, we exchanged ideas and know-how, made decisions, tried new approaches, in an environment filled with creativity, collaboration, and competition between teams. The real life of interim executives!

The Procadres team congratulates and thanks VSMC and his energetic leader Victor Svensson , see blog http://vsmc.ch/ao-open-seminar/ . Procadres is also proud his 2 managers (D.L and F.D) won the contest between the various teams!

Next session on February the 5th, dedicated to ’Enterprise’, business concepts that help put the strategy into action. Products lifecycle, capacity utilization, benchmarking, balance scorecard, rolling forecasts and many more tools. Procadres International Suisse will send 10 managers to this new business adventure.
Olivier Taburet

Training for Procadres managers - Business simulation