6 March 2015

Feedback of the training course Business gaming simulation

Feedback of the training course Business gaming simulation

On Feb,5th,2015, Procadres International talent pool were invited to an company decision business game, we captured some of their immediate feedbacks

Manager P.M , experience of general management , armament and electronical industry, 12 years in Japan :

The Company session puts us in a situation to manage the development of a company : a lot of parameters to monitor, various business decisions to make every business year, the necessity to build a long term strategy to beat competition … facing unforeseen events we quickly need to take into account. A constructive teamwork, each member of the team playing the role of a department manager (finance, S&M, production,…), is compulsory to be able to make good decisions. A lot of fun, some stress, conflicts between team members … make the experience unique. Moreover Victor, monitoring the game, makes sure there is a real competition spirit between the teams : everyone gets caught up in the game …

Yes ,very happy of this day ! Thanks to Procadres International for the opportunity.

Manager G.R,experience of Sales manager and Product Lines in media sector, management of digital Brodcasting.,back in Switzerland since three years and after ten years in the UK
A big thank you giving me the opportunity to take part to the seminar which was the best of all, as by the content , the format, the facilitor by the quality and diversity of the participants. Very good Experience to recommend .

Question to Olivier Taburet, Partner for Procadres International (Suisse) : what is the purpose of this initiative? These seminars are a motivation tool for managers and a way to take some perspective at a moment when they’re not in the action in their mission. For me, it’s also a way to appreciate managers unique characteristics, appraise some of their behavioral capabilities, observe their team spirit and the way they organize themselves…

Olivier Taburet : Excellent training session. The game format and the business concepts reviewed in a very tangible way delighted the Procadres International managers who got the opportunity to attend. Many thanks to VSMC team Victor ans Nathalie.

Managers’ feedback on Linkedin.

Manager BP : Really interesting seminar.Simulation quarter by quarter over years allows participants to understand deeply short and middle term strategy. It was great moment in a friendly atmosphere.

Manager GR : Enlightening exercise during which the participants are able to visually understand in real-time the business impacts of the many company-decisions they have to make quickly. Not mentioning the engaging part of competing against other teams with fun… Highly recommended for managers in sales, finance, supply chain, production, project delivery or customer service. Thumbs up to the coaches Nathalie and Victor for putting this memorable day together.

Manager PG : It was a great session. I enjoyed participating, learning and sharing ideas. Thank you to PROCADRES INTERNATIONAL and to Victor and Nathalie from Celemi - Making Change Happen

Manager DT: Decision Base ™.is an excellent serious game that should be used in Business Schools to develop managers skills in getting the right returns by boosting productivity and profitability. I really enjoyed learning and playing with it at operational ans. well as strategic levels, and we came to work effectively as a team in a very short time. The teachers - Nathalie Vaamonde & Victor Svensson - from VSCM & CELEMI , were fantastic, and Olivier Taburet from PROCADRES INTERNATIONAL offered this great momentum to us : many thanks Olivier , Nathalie and Victor ! I definitely recommend this team and the game !

Feedback of the training course Business gaming simulation