Catherine Deschamps

Deputy Chief Relationship Managers

Robert Walters, IdVector, Promethee, Groupe ACCOR


Catherine DESCHAMPS begins her career within the ACCOR Group as Manager. She then joined Prométhée, a Think Tank where, for four years, she advised the leaders of about twenty international groups and wrote many economic and prospective articles in French and English.

After a stint at IDVector, she joined the international recruitment firm Robert Walters in 2000 as a senior recruitment consultant. For 15 years, it is in the service of a consequent client portfolio (TOTAL, VEOLIA, THE POSTAL BANK, CITI BANK, THE OREAL, GENERAL ELECTRIC, PROLOGIS, HAMMERSON) that it carries out missions of recruitment, accompaniment and evaluation of potential highs and frames.

She finally build on two years of entrepreneurial experience as an independent coach with international executives on their professional transition.

Catherine DESCHAMPS is a graduate of the IEP of PARIS.