Guy Dufour

Guy Dufour, in Managing Director positions, former partner of X-PM Transition Partners.


After working for five years on audits at Arthur Young & Company , Guy Dufour joined Habitat France in 1980 as Financial Director.

He participated in the group’s IPO on the London Stock Exchange and actively took part in the chain’s development, particularly through a number of acquisitions. Guy Dufour took the IS and Supply Chain responsibilities, the reengineering tools and processes.

In 1992, he took the head of the French and Spanish subsidiaries, where he rapidly implemented the expansion and rationalization plan for the range of stores while modernizing the store concept.

In 1999, Guy Dufour left Habitat to join Lyonnaise Communications , the cable operator of the Suez group, where he worked on the Lyonnaise Câble’s transition to Noos, one of the first triple play operators.

Working with the teams at Suez, he negotiated an exit from the Cable Plan and investments by new shareholders, then proceeded to acquire new networks, which constituted the first step in the sector’s consolidation.

In 2004, he managed numerous projects for X-PM Transition Partners and became a partner of the firm in 2008, responsible for the Private Equity.

Graduated from Université Paris IX Dauphine, Guy Dufour is a Chartered Accountant.